Beautifully wrapped gifts can cause people to smile.

I saw this every day while working as a gift wrapping designer in New York City and wrapping numerous presents over the years. Working with clients I learned that the act of gift wrapping can really enhance the act of caring and being compassionate about others. Gifts were transformed into one-of-a-kind packages, personally designed for the recipients using carefully selected materials, colors and patterns. It was such a rewarding experience to help others express their emotions and appreciation to their recipients through a personalized gift presentation.

While creating gift wrapping designs over many years I also developed a passion in teaching others the art form. What started out with individuals asking me to teach them grew into groups of people that attended my classes. I started conducting group workshops at various institutions and performing demonstrations during events. In the past few years my desire to teach others also extended online and I have been actively producing gift wrapping and paper craft videos on YouTube. This year I founded an online gift wrapping school and I'm currently in the process of adding more courses.

The manner of gift giving can be an important element and the art of gift wrapping can enhance any occasion, helping make it more memorable. I hope these tutorials will provide inspiration to following generations who are also interested in carrying out this ancient tradition, continuing to create beautiful gift presentations that make others smile!