About Shiho Masuda

During her high school years in Japan, Shiho’s fascination with American pop art led her to New York, where she studied at a university and majored in graphic arts. Strolling along SoHo one day, she came across a shop displaying different types of wrapping paper from all around the world. She immediately applied and started working at this paper specialty store, where she fell in love with and became immersed in the world of gift-wrapping.

For several years, Shiho worked in New York providing custom wrapping designs for individual customers as well as events and parties for major businesses. From standard boxes to odd-shaped sculptures and gigantic ribbons for cars, her extensive experience wrapping up to 200 items per day allowed her to polish her gift-wrapping creativity, technique and speed.

After 10+ years of working in the gift-wrapping industry, Shiho began to understand the joy of sharing her knowledge and experience with others. When she realized the best way to reach others was through the internet, she began creating online tutorials and shared them on YouTube. 200+ videos later and 175,000+ subscribers later, her influence has spread rapidly and she now collaborates with various brands to hold workshops and demonstrations around the world.

Her passion now is to teach individuals the art of gift-wrapping through online training courses, where she can communicate with individual students to teach the spirit and joy of gift-giving.