Autumn has always been my favorite season. 

In Japan, it is considered as the best season for the arts. ("Geijyutsu No Aki") Though every season has its own beauty, many people feel that they are more inspired to be creative during the Autumn season. 

I currently live in Hawaii and can't really enjoy the best features of Autumn season like crispness in the air and leaves changing colors. So I use my imagination to enjoy them by creating paper crafts. 

My new video is "Fall Leaves Gift Wrapping and a Matching Handmade Card." You can create your package and a card by using natural leaves if you live in the area where you can pick up fall leaves from the ground. I hope that you are enjoying this Autumn season, happy gift wrapping!

What you need to prepare:
• Color Paper (4 different colors)
• Wrapping Paper
• Ribbon

• Cutting Mat
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Double Sided Tape
• Glue Gun
• Ruler & Craft Knife
• Clear Tape (Optional)
• Circle Cutter (Optional)

Music: Italian Morning by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (