My new craft video has one of the sweetest themes…."Baby!"

When I think of baby, I think of soft & gentle texture with light pastel colors. So the first paper I grabbed was Japanese Unryu Paper which has a tissue-like transparent texture and comes in variety of pastel colors. Despite its delicate look, Unryu paper is surprisingly durable, making it perfect for many gift wrapping projects. (for more about Unryu paper, click here)

Can't get Unryu paper? No problem, tissue paper works perfect for this project too. I recommend to use 2 tissue sheets or more (as needed) to wrap your box since one tissue sheet may be too thin to wrap around pointy corners. 

This is a sweet gift wrapping idea if you have any baby shower or baby b-day party coming up. Pom-Pom flower with a message leaf is separated from the package itself so that it can be kept to use as a room or party decoration.

Materials and Tools:

  • Tissue Paper or Thin Decorative Paper (Paper used in the video: Japanese Unryu Paper / Pastel Blue & Pastel Green)
  • Card Stock Green ( For making a leaf-shaped message card)
  • Sheer Organza Ribbon (Ribbon used in the video: 1.5" Width /  Lime Green)
  • Clear Tape (tesa's Eco & Clear tape)
  • Scissors
  • Letter Stamps & Stamp Pad (Optional)

I had a chance to explore new tools in this video. Thanks to Jan from tesa, I got to know really cool gift wrapping gadgets from Europe. Compare with my current heavy-duty dispenser, tesa's Easy Cut Compact is super lightweight AND it stays on the table firmly at the same time. How? Tesa's Stop-Pad technology on the bottom of the dispenser securely holds its body onto the desk without any heavy force. (in case you are wondering, Stop-Pad is washable and repositionable) Matching tape for the dispenser is tesafilm clear tape. I really like the fact that it is eco-friendly; made from 100% recycled plastic. It's crystal clear that becomes invisible on most paper surfaces. These eco-conscious, fashionable and very functional new tools will be surely added to my favorite tool lists.