During past years of teaching Japanese style gift wrapping to others, I've noticed that fan design is one of my students' favorite.

Steps to create fan-style pleats are quite easy yet the outcome can be breathtakingly beautiful. These pleating techniques are great skills to learn in case you have special occasions or people that you would like to create unique & beautiful gift wrapping for.

My newest video "Fan-tastic Japanese Gift Wrapping 2" shows a little different technique to create a fan design from the first one. My first "Fan-tastic Japanese gift wrapping" video became one of the most popular videos in my YouTube Channel. There are many more ways to improvise the design and I want to continue sharing different techniques and designs with you.

Here is my new video "Fan-tastic Japanese Gift Wrapping 2":

Materials & Tools:

  • Main Decorative Paper (any types of wrapping paper that are thin enough to create multiple folds are suitable) (Paper used in the video: Napa Vine Print Mulberry Paper (Turkish Red and Copper) from Paper Mojo)
  • Accent Paper (Thinner paper is more suitable since you are creating a double layer pleating design) (Paper used in the video: Thai Unryu Paper (Pink Chiffon) from Blick Art Materials)
  • Organza Ribbons (Ribbons used in the video: 1.5" Wide Organza Sheer (Red & Coral) / 7/8" Wide Organza Sheer (Gold) from BB Crafts)
  • Scissors
  • Clear Tape
  • Double Sided Tape

Paper Size: 

For Wrapping a Box

  • Length: Length of your box + (Depth of your box x 3)
  • Width: Enough to wrap around a box 

For Creating a Pleats Design

  • Length: Length of your box + (Depth of your box x 3)
  • Width: Size of your fold x 6 (Some extra paper needed to fold back one end)

I am conducting a gift wrapping workshop with Celebrations Store in August in Honolulu, Hawaii. We will be creating a complete package with advanced fan design using wrapping paper from Japan. I will also be teaching more details on how to create various pleating designs, gift wrap a box easier and tie a bow professionally. Date & time will be announced soon :)