Throughout the time, there are many occasions we give baby gifts to friends and family. Good friend of mine recently gave birth to her first daughter and as I was shopping gifts for her & her newborn baby, inspirations for gift wrapping are flowing through my mind.

Here is one of the baby gift wrapping ideas, "Baby Photo Medallion Gift Wrapping." This personalized package is easy, fun and cute and you can apply the idea for any wrapping styles including boxes, bags, pouches and cans.


  • Ribbon (Polkadots 1.5" grosgrain ribbon was used in the video)
  • Baby Photo
  • Card Stock (3 different colors depending on your theme or baby's gender)
  • Gift Wrap Paper or Tissue Paper (Pink Japanese Unryu Paper was used in the video)


  • Clear Tape (Eco & Clear Film tape with Easy Cut Compact dispenser by tesa)
  • Circle Cutter
  • Scissors