Although I hardly use CDs anymore, I still own so many used & unused CDs. Looking at them, stored into a corner of my studio, I wanted to recycle these CDs to create a cute gift packaging. And here is a finalized idea, recycled CD gift box. Along with recycled papers, my unwanted CDs reborn into a colorful gift box. 

Since the box is created using strips of washi tape, it can only hold light weight gift inside. As we approach into fall/winter seasons, this box will be a perfect packaging for giving hats, scarves or gloves.


  • Recycled CDs (6 CDs)
  • Recycled / Scrap Paper (Decorative)
  • Recycled / Scrap Color Paper (Card Stock)
  • Decorative Washi Tape


* Instead of cutting paper circles with a circle cutter, you can also trace outline of CD on the papers and cut them using scissors