TUTTLE Publishing's newly introduced gift wrapping book Perfect Gift Wrapping Ideas is visually entertaining and filled with images of elegant and unique wrapping styles. The author, Hiroe Miyaoka, is a gift wrapping coordinator and instructor in Tokyo who teaches classes at her store, Toi et Moi + Style Gift, as well as conducting workshops throughout Japan.

In her book Hiroe introduces 101 ways to personalize gifts using everyday materials including egg cartons, doilies, paper cups and used stamps. Her chic gift wrapping ideas inspire creative, personalized gift presentations for family and friends.

Final Image

Here I created a wine bottle gift wrap for a friend incorporating one of her ideas. I love the natural atmosphere of the design, clean without too many unnecessary embellishments. Using only kraft paper and hemp twine, this is one of the easiest gift wrapping styles to follow. Creating a tag from scratch was also fun and adds that personalized touch.

Step1: Lay a sheet of kraft paper in a diamond shape

Step3: Close the top and tie a knot with natural twine

Step3: Close the top and tie a knot with natural twine

Step2: Pinch in the paper at the base of the bottle to make pleats

Step4: Make your own tag & message and attach them to the package

For more details and for an additional 100 ideas, please check out her book.

As a gift wrapping designer, I always think the presentation is part of the gift to the receiver. It is so true what Hiroe mentions in her book, "a gift is the embodiment of feelings of gratitude or congratulations, and the wrapping around it is the spice that enhances those emotions. So when wrapping a gift, start by considering the recipient and the reason for giving."

Perfect Gift Wrapping Ideas by Hiroe Miyaoka can help make your gift giving even more enjoyable and memorable.