Holiday is around the corner, many of us will start thinking about what presents to give to friends and family members.

The other day, I asked my 13 years old nephew what he wanted for his Christmas present and he replied to me with one word - "Money!"

Now I believe that money is a good gift but it's often presented or gifted in not very creative ways. If you're also planning to give money as a gift for this holiday season, let's make it more fun by creating unique and stylish gift wrapping for it.

In my new video, I collaborated with Tesa® for fun and creative ideas to give money as a gift using Tesa®'s tapes and other adhesives. You'll find new ways to use packing tapes, masking (washi) tapes, double sided adhesives, etc. Enjoy the tutorials!



Materials & Tools

Design 1: Pop-up Heart Card

Design 1.jpg

Design 2: Origami Shirt Style Gift Wrapping

Design 2.jpg

Design 3: DIY Origami Envelope Gift Wrapping

Design 3.jpg


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