I've been preparing for this moment in the past months...I'm so excited to announce the opening of my new online course, Your Ultimate Gift Wrapping Guide!

Before introducing the course, I want to share my story of how I started my YouTube channel and decided to create this free online course.

When I first became a gift wrapping artist, I was first attracted to the fact that I can be surrounded by lovely papers and ribbons to design packages, but later I realized there was much more to gift wrapping than just wrapping presents in beautiful presentations.

I used to wrap gifts in front of my customers while they waited for their packages. While they're waiting, many people told me the stories behind their gift giving.
A man who was about to propose his long-time girlfriend with an engagement ring wrapped in a package specially designed for her. 
A woman who wanted to create a package that could be easily opened with a left hand for her husband whose right hand was paralyzed.

Everyone's story was different and unique but there was always one common thing...everyone wanted to make a person who was receiving the gift happy.

As the time goes by, I also found my passion for teaching others the art of gift wrapping, so you could create amazing presentations for your gift wrapping and make someone important in your life happy. That's the start of my YouTube channel and today my channel, PaperGuru has introduced over 160 gift wrapping and paper craft videos.

So my next goal was to organize all the videos and re-introduce them to make learning easier for you, no matter what level you are right now.
Then the new online course, Your Ultimate Gift Wrapping Guide has been created.

This is an 8-week course - you'll receive my email once a week with a link to the specific lesson page for 8 weeks.
Upon completion, you'll become a gift wrapping expert with the knowledge and skills to create your own unique & personalized gift wrapping for anyone and any occasion.

Check out more about the course here >> Your Ultimate Gift Wrapping Guide Course for free

Join me for the new course, it's absolutely free!
I can't wait to see how you'll be transformed after the 8 weeks of the creative journey.