In my new video, I shared my news and a thank you message.

I've received the silver play button award from YouTube for surpassing 100K subscribers. Although getting rewards has never been my intention to grow my channel, it's nice to be recognized all the efforts I've been putting into my videos and to remind myself why I started YouTube channel in the first place.

My YouTube channel, PaperGuru has grown to offer 160+ videos with 120K+ subscribers today. When I uploaded my first video back in 2008, I never thought that I would be sharing this many videos in future. I wish I could tell you that I had a vision for growing my channel, but I didn't. I just wanted to share my videos with the global audience.

The next few years I uploaded some videos here and there...until 2013 I decided to upload videos regularly to share more gift wrapping and paper craft ideas. To continue uploading videos regularly hasn't been as easy as I wish, even if that's what I love to do. I learned during this past 5 years it took discipline, determination and dedication to continue doing what I was doing and to accomplish small goals. From creating the contents to filming and editing the videos on the top of everything else happening in my life, there were times I thought about stop uploading the videos.

But why I didn't stop..? It's because you're there. I have a great audience who cares what I share.

So many people have given me heartfelt and inspiring messages and comments on my videos over these past years. Those comments have helped me built my confidence in sharing more ideas, and also made me realize that I wasn't wrong to follow my passion.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for supporting me!

I wish my videos could continue being a creative inspiration for you from this on too. And whatever you're doing,  it's okay to follow your passion and don't give up. If you believe you're doing the right thing and you continue working hard to achieve small goals, you'll start opening new doors to eventually get to the bigger goals. 

As a thank you for your support, I'm gift wrapping the silver play button frame (for you! 😊) I'm gonna be showing three creative ways to wrap your frames, and I hope you'll like them!