Creative Ideas to Gift Wrap Boxes


Creative Ideas to Gift Wrap Boxes

28 Creative Ideas to Wrap Your Boxes

Using boxes is the most popular way to wrap gift items. In this lesson, you'll learn total 28 creative gift wrapping ideas. The lesson videos are divided into four categories, 1. Unique & Creative, 2. Gorgeous & Elegant, 3. Cute & Fun, 4. Authentic & Sophisticate. There is no need to watch all the videos - skip the ones you've already learned tricks and techniques from and take more time to watch the ones you can learn new skills from.

Total 28 Lessons (About 130 Minutes)


Unique and Creative

2 - 1 : Unique & Creative

Are you looking for extraordinary ideas to wow your friends and family? Ideas here can surely help you make memorable gift packages for your special occasions.  

Total 6 Lessons (About 26 Minutes)


Gorgeous and Elegant

2 - 2 : Gorgeous & Elegant

You are creating gift wrapping for someone special who appreciates the art of gift wrapping. These videos will help you create beautiful and gorgeous presentations for your packages.

Total 6 Lessons (About 32 Minutes)


2 - 3 : Cute & Fun

These playful gift wrapping ideas can be used for many occasions. Use bright and fun wrapping papers and ribbons to personalize your design.

Total 10 Lessons (About 48 Minutes)


Authentic and Sophisticate

2 - 4 : Authentic and Sophisticate

For more formal occasions, these gift wrapping designs are perfect to show your appreciation and gratitude. Select papers and ribbons to match the theme or style of the event. 

Total 6 Lessons (About 24 Minutes)


This is the end of this week's lesson. How did you do? Next week, we'll learn creative ways to wrap your gifts without any boxes.

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