You're Santa's Little Helper 

Holiday is the time you wrap more gifts than any other seasons. It is such an exciting & cheerful time of the year and so your gift wrapping should be! In this lesson, you'll learn 14 fun & creative holiday gift wrapping ideas that will bring a smile to everyone who receives your gift! Enjoy being Santa's little helper this holiday season with the new skills you'll learn!

Total 14 Lessons (About 51 Minutes)


This is the end of this week's lesson. How did you do? Next week, you'll learn a lot of fun techniques to wrap your gifts in eco-friendly ways using fabric materials (Furoshiki & Tenugui). 

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Hello, I'm Shiho.

For years, I provided gift wrapping services to individuals and corporates until I found my passion for teaching others the art of gift wrapping.

Now I upload free craft videos to share my ideas with YouTube audience, teach gift wrapping courses online and occasionally conduct workshops to directly work with students.

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