Celebrate Your Special Moments with Creative Craft Ideas 

Congratulations! You made it this far! This means you've completed 92 lesson videos, and learned more about the materials and tools for gift wrapping - wow!

Lesson 8 includes tutorials for handmade cards, DIY party craft ideas and more! In addition to the gift wrapping videos you've already learned, these ideas will help you celebrate special moments with beautiful creations.

Total 16 Lessons (About 72 Minutes)


Lovely Ways to Deliver Your Messages

8 - 1 : Lovely Ways to Deliver Your Messages

Sending a thoughtful message is as important as giving a gift. You took time to create an attentive package for the receiver, why not create a beautiful message card as well? In this lesson, you'll learn 4 DIY ideas to create handmade cards.

Total 4 Lessons (About 22 Minutes)


For Your Party Inspirations

8 - 2 : For Your Party Inspirations

Need some ideas for your upcoming party? Enjoy these 8 lesson videos to get some creative inspirations for your party! Change colors, patterns and materials to match your party themes.

Total 8 Lessons (About 32 Minutes)


Just for Fun

8 - 3 : Just for Fun

Here are 4 additional lesson videos, just for fun! From easy & quick gift wrapping for busy people to how to make an art journal, enjoy learning some fun tips and tricks so you can apply them to your future projects!

Total 4 Lessons (About 18 Minutes)


This is the end of this week's lesson. Great job on completing all 111 lessons!  If these videos made you happy or helped you make someone happy, my work here is done!

Thank you for all your hard work this past 8 weeks...you've learned a lot of new techniques, gained more skills, and exercised your creative mind. All these hard works helped you became a better gift wrapper - yes, you're different from 8 weeks ago.

I would love to hear how you feel now with your wrapping skills and how did the lessons help you, etc. Please share your comment below 😉

Hello, I'm Shiho.

For years, I provided gift wrapping services to individuals and corporates until I found my passion for teaching others the art of gift wrapping.

Now I upload free craft videos to share my ideas with YouTube audience, teach gift wrapping courses online and occasionally conduct workshops to directly work with students.

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