10 Gift Wrapping Tips for the Holiday Season

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the guest who was a successful entrepreneur was asked what’s the most important personality treat the entrepreneurs must have in order to succeed in their businesses.

He said, “if you break a cookie in half to share, you shouldn’t be hesitating to give a bigger piece to others.”

Thinking about others first or wanting to make other people happy seem to be important concepts for any professionals or businesses today and it’s also an essential attitude for someone to be really good at gift wrapping. It’s probably the most important personality treat you must have as you learn the art of gift wrapping.

You should be excited about thinking different ways to surprise receivers

If you give someone a half piece of cookie, how would you present it so that it becomes a mini surprise that will bring someone smile instead of just giving a cookie broken in half?

I remember back in the school days in Japan, we used to give small snacks to each other. They’re like tiny gifts, a piece of cookie, chocolate, candy, etc. and we often wrap them in napkins with cute patterns then closed with decorative tape or yarn, or put them into decorative bags with cute stickers. And it was exciting to give and receive those gifts partially because they’re wrapped in such pleasant manners.

No matter how small the gift is, if you can think about the way to entertain the receivers with the presentation of your gift, you can be a true gift-giving master!

With that in mind, today I want to share 10 tips to create the perfect presentations for your holiday gifts. Those tips are very basics but they help you create amazing looking packages!

1. Favorite Color Theme

Just like wearing a dress in your favorite color empowers you, receiving a gift in your favorite color(s) will bring your mood up! So it's a good idea to incorporate the color(s) the receiver likes in your gift wrapping.


2. The handwritten message

Doesn't it make you feel warm to receive handwritten messages instead of message stickers? This is always the heartfelt way to deliver your message. You don’t like your handwriting? It doesn't matter, the gesture is important - it could be just a tag with a name, "To xx" or "Merry Christmas", this completes the personalization for your package.


3. Add ornamentations

Adding a holiday ornament, silk or paper flower, candy cane, etc to your gift brightens up the ambiance of your package and it becomes an extra gift for your receiver!


4. Paper Pleats

Add a few folds to your paper and create a "handmade feel" for your gift wrapping. Not only the pleats design makes the presentation of your gift better, this extra effort will make them feel special to receive such an attentive gift package!


5. Think inside the box

The presentation inside the box is as important as the outside. Use tissue papers or the shredded/crinkle paper to make better presentations while protecting the content. You can carry over the same theme inside as the outside of the package, create pleats designs with tissue papers, and/or use ribbon to tie and secure the gift. Remember, your goal is to give ‘wow’ surprise to the receivers ;)


6. Neat presentations

Create neat presentations throughout your package. Make sure your paper is wrapped around the box tightly and folded in nice straight lines without too many tapes showing. Some holiday gift wrap papers are thin and easy to tear, pay extra attention to wrap around the corners and edges of the box.


7. Use scraps for creative ideas

Use scrap paper from wrapping your box to make a matching message card or a matching paper bow. It's a great way to personalize your package.


8. Eco-friendly style

Wrapping your gift in an eco-friendly style this holiday season will make the receiver and the mother earth smile :) There are some really nice eco-friendly papers available, Wrappily.com is one of my favorite brands. You can also use furoshiki or recycled fabric to wrap your gifts. 


9. Use tapes wisely and creatively

Excess use of clear/double-sided tape is totally unnecessary and it'll be harder for the receivers to open their gifts. Make sure you'll place a small piece of tape elegantly along the end to close your package. To make your packages more fun and creative, use washi or decorative masking tapes as part of your wrapping designs.


10. Don't let "shipping" stop you making a beautiful presentation

If you're shipping or traveling with your gifts, protecting them while keeping nice presentations is a challenge. Make sure you use certain types of ribbon so your bows won’t get completely crashed in a box or in a luggage. Grosgrain, silk or satin ribbons are good choices for keeping nice presentations. Furoshiki fabric gift wrapping is also great as they're strong and flexible and won’t get damaged while being transported.


I hope these tips help you upgrade your gift wrapping this holiday season!

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Happy Holidays!

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