Meet the Artists! No.2: Stacie Holt Stepney from Atlanta, USA

Stacie is one of the active members of We ❤️ Wrapping, a Facebook private group with people who are passionate about gift wrapping and paper crafts. Being a mother of three children, she is an inspiring positive person who works hard to make her dreams come true. She has been sharing gift wrapping designs and inspiring others through her creative ideas. 


Stacie Holt Stepney, owner and designer of Designed Moments LLC, specializing in premiere professional gift wrapping services and special occasion decor and design.

Q:    Please tell us a little about your story of becoming a gift wrapping artist.

    Stacie: My story doesn’t have many bells and whistles. Being a single mother of three, I knew I needed a second stream of income. I’ve sold jewelry and owned a desk top publishing company. Neither brought me joy. I decided I needed to find something else that I liked…something I was good at…something I would do for free. One day I saw a gift wrapping company being highlighted on my local news station and thought, “Hey! I bet I can do that!” I’m an avid researcher and studied everything I could on ribbon techniques and styles, various wrapping papers, wrapping designs and was hooked. I found a local course on the basics of gift wrapping and signed up. The instructor complimented my skills. This was humbling since she is an AMAZING and CREATIVE wrapper. I knew then I had found my passion. Since then, I’ve poured my heart, finances and time into augmenting my supply inventory, watching training videos, and learning as much as I possibly could about this field. I opened my business in November of 2015 under the name Wonderfully Wrapped Atlanta. As I progressed and became more skilled, I learned how to create other designs such as memory boxes, centerpieces, diaper cakes. I made a decision to expand my business which required me to change my business name to reflect more of what I do. We are now known as Designed Moments, LLC and are based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Q:    Where do you get your inspiration from when creating your gift wrapping designs? 

    Stacie: I get my inspiration from whom the gift is for…is the gift for someone’s mother? is he a golfer? What are their hobbies? Are they flashy or conservative?

Q:    How does working on creative projects affect your everyday life?

    Stacie: It affects my everyday life consistently because I think about my creative business most of the day, every day. I’m alwayslooking for opportunities to hone my skills. I also look for partnerships to work on creative projects. I typically work in the evening since I have a full time job.

Q: As a gift wrapping artist, What visions and goals do you have for the future?

    Stacie: My main goal for the future for Designed Moments is to have a brick and mortar place for me to wrap if not full time, then part time. I want my customers to come to me to have their gifts designed or wrapped with the opportunity to wait while it’s being done. Currently, I’m creating as much exposure and relationships as I can that would afford me consistent future clients to realize this dream.

Q: Your Diaper Cake Style gift wrapping is so cute! How can one order the design and what is the price?

    Stacie: Diaper cakes range from one to three tiers. All are custom designed according to the mother’s or purchaser’s wishes. Quality materials including stuffed animals, baby blankets, shoes, etc are used. Prices range from $30-$65. Diapers and baby trinkets are safe to be used.

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