7 Tips To Have Fun with Holiday Gift Wrapping

Every year, holiday gift wrapping is an exciting fun event for me. I prepare wrapping designs and all the materials with sparkling & dazzling colors, line up my tools beside the work station, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and play some of my favorite holiday music.

During the design and wrapping process, I think about the receivers and their smiles when receiving gifts. I designed the packages based on the receivers' personalities, styles, their interests, etc...so naturally no packages end up exactly the same. 

For many people we wrap more gifts during the holiday season than any other time of year. Therefore, you want to be well-prepared in order to move the project forward smoothly. I often hear people say that "I hate holiday gift wrapping" or "it is too much work to wrap holiday gifts." I used to become frustrated during my holiday gift wrapping also. The lack of preparation combined with a sense of urgency often caused to block a flow of my creativity. I took way too much time to wrap gifts and felt exhausted by the end of the project. What could have been fun and joyous become a chore and annoying just because of missing this important step.

So today, I wanted to share some tips and tricks for making your holiday gift wrapping more enjoyable than ever. 

  1. Make sure you have a large enough space to wrap all your gifts.  This helps you wrap any size gifts without difficulties and prevents wrapping paper from tearing and wrinkling.
  2. Sharp scissors are must for creating neat presentations. The last thing you want for your completed packages is to have rough edges of paper and frayed ribbon. Good tools accelerate the speed and efficiently of your work.
  3. Prepare two types of tape - clear tape and double sided tape. Using these tapes for different purposes help you work efficiently and smoothly. If you watch my tutorial videos on YouTube, you can see how I distinguish them to secure/close different sections. The goal is to not show any tape on a completed package unless you are incorporating it into part of your design.
  4. Have an overall design concept and prepare necessary materials and tools before starting the projects. This way, you can focus on creative productions without being bothered to look for missing materials or tools. Keeping a good work flow, maintaining positive energy, is important to make the best out of the creative process.
  5. Keep a trash bin or bag next to you. Though this seems obvious, I've noticed many people actually forget about preparing this important equipment. Some people might say it's easier to throw everything on the floor and clean at the end. Believe me; working in a clean environment makes you feel good! You clean as you gift wrap so that you won't have a messy situation like being surrounded by scraps of paper, ribbon and tape... Work clean and work happy is a motto!
  6. Pay attention to other elements - like sounds and scents. Play your favorite music. As I mentioned in the beginning, holiday gift wrapping is like an exciting fun event. Music will brighten your mood. We usually perform better when we are having fun. Holiday gift wrapping shouldn't be a task but something to enjoy! Have aroma oils, candles, cookies or cakes baking in an oven, brew coffee or tea, anything that helps to create a desired ambience.
  7. Lastly and the most important of all.... ENJOY IT, HAVE FUN! I say this loudly and clearly. Why? Because it can be. Cutting, tearing and folding paper can be a great stress reliever! Gift Wrapping is a very tactile experience, appreciate different textures of papers and ribbons, adding the final little details to create a beautiful gift. And remember why you go the extra mile to wrap your gifts in the first place. You should enjoy the act of kindness!

What do you think? Are you ready for wrapping your holiday gifts? Have a cup of tea, play your favorite music and have a great time gift wrapping!