Meet the Artists! No.1: Sneha Patil from Mumbai, India

I recently started an online social media group We❤️Wrapping! for people interested in gift wrapping and paper crafts. I had one thing in mind to start this group, to share ideas, information, and stories to grow together as gift wrapping and paper artists.

Thanks to our members, it's been really fun and helpful to share design ideas, information on materials & tools and each other's stories.

When I first started my career as a gift wrapping artist in New York City, I had a hard time finding relevant information. Gift Wrapping, although a popular topic during the holiday seasons, was still a relatively smaller category compared with other forms of arts and crafts. I didn't know many people around me who had the same profession or had the same level of passion about gift wrapping.

So it's such a blessing today to be connected with people around the world who are also passionate about learning and sharing new techniques and skills in creating memorable gift wrapping designs.

One such person I've had the pleasure of meeting is Sneha Patil. From Mumbai, India she has a strong passion for gift wrapping and paper arts. Last year she sent several requests for private workshops for training in basic gift wrapping techniques and one day I was finally able to schedule a trip. We had 5 day training workshops each about 5-8 hours a day and she never complained about the long training hours or any difficulty in learning advanced techniques. We talked about her plans to become a gift wrapping artist in Mumbai and she started getting clients. Sneha has continued to practice and develop on hew own as well as taking my online lessons during this time. Today she is conducting corporate gift wrapping workshops for large gift stores in India.

Sneha shared her story with me and I hope it will inspire you as you go on your own journey to become a gift wrapping and paper artist.

  • How did you get interested in gift wrapping?

(Sneha) I have always been following various paper artists around the world on social media and 3 years ago I found Shiho's YouTube channel, Paper Guru, and started following her. As I tried her instructions and created my own gift wrapping designs, I was deeply interested in learning more techniques and skills.

  • How do you get inspiration for creative ideas?

(Sneha) Nature and found objects in daily life have been huge source of inspiration for me. I receive inspirations from things like snail's amazing swirls to the beautiful colors and patterns of the Indian fabrics.

  • What is the best part of learning gift wrapping?

(Sneha) Learning more about the gift wrapping elevated the idea of gift giving. I believe that gift wrapping is equally important as the actual gift itself. A simple flower bouquet can become an amazing present just by adding a beautiful gift wrapping presentation. We are simply making gifts even more special by creating memorable presentations.

  • What was the hardest thing while learning gift wrapping techniques?

(Sneha) The most difficult thing was to wrap large or over-sized boxes. I'm still learning to acquire these techniques.

  • How does taking the online lessons and workshops help you achieve your goals?

(Sneha) With online lessons, I can learn many of the basic and advanced techniques in simplified, condensed and easy ways and it helps me to brush up on my skills. Taking actual workshops was great since I can watch Shiho's demonstrations in front of me and instantly get answers to my questions. It did help me to perfect my ribbon techniques after going over bow creating lessons many times with her.

  • What is your goal?

(Sneha) I would like to work as a gift wrapping artist in Mumbai and continue getting more clients. Currently I am preparing workshops for large gift stores in India and planning to have more workshops for individuals as well as corporations in future.

Below is the contact information for Sneha's gift wrapping services in Mumbai, India: / Phone:00919890834124 

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