Beautiful Ribbon Art for Your Gift Wrapping

What type of decorations do you add to your gift wrapping?

There are so many ways to upgrade your gift wrapping by adding ornamentations to the package, and one of them is creating ribbon arts.

So today's video is all about adding various themed ribbon arts to your package using my recent favorite, cotton 100% paper ribbon from

You can easily curl, fold and shape the paper ribbon, which makes it so special and separate it from other types of ribbons. I also enjoy the matte texture of the paper ribbon, which can create a modern and sophisticated ambiance for your gift wrapping.

I've introduced many videos focusing on paper art but not much on ribbon art, so I'm happy to have this opportunity to show you other ways than folding and designing paper to make your gift wrapping special!

Cream City Ribbons are created using the cotton yarns that are 100% grown and dyed in the United States. A special method is applied to woven the ribbon for making it strong and creating its beautiful texture.

If you're interested in trying their ribbons, apply the special code Shiho18 for 18% off from the entire purchase.

Enjoy the video, and let me know what you think!


Beautiful Ribbon Art for Your Gift Wrapping 

Beautiful Ribbon Art for Your Gift Wrapping