Create Your Own Unique Style Gift Wrapping

I had a gift wrapping workshop in New York in early December. One of the students, Lisa Grant was my former coworker whom I trained some gift wrapping techniques over a decade ago.

She showed me some photos of her recent gift wrapping in which the boxes are wrapped in a chef gown style and in a handbag style. Lisa said that she often applies the techniques she learned from me and enjoys improvising them to make her own wrapping styles.

Lisa's Photo.jpg

I was really happy to hear that she’s been entertaining her friends and family with her creative gift packages, and this is what I wish it would happen for everyone who is taking my gift wrapping lessons too.

Once you got good wrapping techniques under your belt, you can try different papers and ribbons to create your own unique styles.

Here are some of the unique gift wrapping ideas I created in the past…


I taught Lisa ways to wrap a box in a shirt style and a handbag, then she created her own unique designs.

Are you curious what could be possible for you too?

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