Gift Wrapping a Watermelon Quickly, Easily, and Creatively

It's round. It's heavy. And it's perfect for summer time. 



Yap, I'm talking about Watermelon, and my new tutorial is all about how to creatively gift wrap it.

If you thought "would I really need to know how to gift wrap a watermelon?" Think twice...the tutorials from the video will help you wrap any round shaped items.

Next time you want to bring a whole watermelon or melon to the BBQ party you're invited, or would like to gift wrap a basketball or soccer ball, you'll know exactly how to quickly, easily and beautifully wrap them!



Not only the tutorials are super easy, all you need to prepare is a piece of square fabric.

Just make sure if it's large enough to wrap the size of your watermelon or anything else you are wrapping. In the video, I used 35" (89cm) square fabric for wrapping a 7" (18cm) diameter watermelon. You can probably use the same size fabric to wrap a watermelon little larger than 7" too. (For the last tutorial, I used 18" (46cm) square fabric for the same 7"(18cm) watermelon)

Stay cool in this summer and happy wrapping!


For the Furoshiki fabric used in the video, click here.