Gift Wrapping and Craft Stores in Tokyo Part 2

Some people love going to the hardware stores, and some enjoy gourmet food shopping. Me, I get excited about going to the paper and stationery stores and that hasn't changed since I was a little kid.

The colors, textures, and patterns of paper always mesmerize me. I love to see what new designs and items are out there, and watch how the stores display their products and how other customers react to them.

So for me, going to the new papercraft or stationery stores is always an exciting adventure.
If you're like me, I'm sure you'll enjoy my new video which I share my experiences going to the craft stores and gift wrapping specialty shop in Tokyo.

I hope this video will be a creative inspiration for you!
As always, thank you for watching and happy wrapping! :)



Here are the stores I visited in the videos. 

Shibuya LOFT
Udagawacho, 21-1, Shibuya, Tokyo

Tokyu Hands Shibuya
Utagawacho, 12-18, Shibuya, Tokyo

Utagawacho 15-1, Shibuya, Tokyo

Ito-ya Shibuya
at Tokyu Department Store
Shibuya 2-24-1
Shibuya, Tokyo