Gift Wrapping and More in Tokyo

Where do you buy your craft materials?

Your favorite local craft shops? or online stores? Last week, I visited Tokyo to join the International Gift Show with Wrappily, a paper company from Maui. During the trip, I was thrilled with the great options for the craft and gift wrapping stores in Tokyo.

I didn't have a lot of time but was able to visit a few stores specialize gift wrapping & craft materials. There are amazing selections for handmade and decorative papers, ribbons, washi tapes, gift tags, gift bags, decorative tapes... you name it. It was absolutely fun to walk around these stores and get some inspirations for the projects.

If you love gift wrapping and paper crafts, I'm sure you would be as excited as I was visiting these stores. Unfortunately, we can't all go shopping together, so I wanted to create videos to share my experiences in Tokyo with you. And I hope you'll have a chance to visit Tokyo sometime soon. (even if you have no plan to visit there soon, I wish the videos will help you get some creative inspirations!)

In this first video, I visited Shimojima Asakusabashi store and East Side Tokyo. Shimojima is one of the largest gift wrapping and packaging stores in Japan. East Side Tokyo specializes crafts, flowers, and weddings, where you can get great ideas for flower gift wrapping and wedding DIYs.



I'll share more experiences with the craft stores in Tokyo in my next video. Thanks for watching and stay tuned 😉


Shimojima Asakusabashi Store:

East Side Tokyo:

Special thanks to Sara from Wrappily, Bryan and Megumi from Shimojima.