Gratitude, Appreciation, and the Art of Gift-Giving

"It's really peaceful and calming to watch your videos."

This is the comment I often receive from the audience of my YouTube videos. Until recently, I thought that gift wrapping and paper crafting should be fun and exciting both to do and watch.

But that wasn't the case. My audience loves more mindfulness and relaxation through gift wrapping. There is something really peaceful about watching someone using their hands to create art, whether it's crafting, cooking or any other forms of art.

Why didn't I realized that earlier...because I knew gift wrapping is a form of meditation for me. While working on my wrapping projects, I can tune out all the noise.

All there is the gratitude for the person who is receiving the gift. It's the process to take time to appreciate the relationship and to find creative inspirations for giving back.

In the fast-paced world we live in, it seems so much easier to send gifts on Amazon or to buy apps for someone. We sort of lost the art of gift-gifting. Do you remember back in the day when we created the personal notes with origami papers for our best friends or made friendship bracelets for boyfriends and girlfriends? We stopped doing that since the internet has taken over our lives and everything has became so instant gratification.

Thanksgiving is in two days followed by the holiday season...this is the perfect time to thinking about gratitude and be mindful about the things we appreciate in our lives. And a great way to do that is to do it through handmaking gifts again for your friends and family.

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