Handmade Packaging is the Best Way to Tell Someone You Love Them This Valentine's Day

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My memory of Valentine's Day when I was growing up in Japan was Depachika.

Depachika is the basement floor space of the department stores and it's the food marketplace for all types of cuisine and dessert selections. During the month of February, Depachika is filled with delicious cookies, chocolates and other sweets for Valentine's Day. What made me so excited about was, of course, the bright, colorful and fun packagings!

To give you a brief explanation of the Valentine's Day culture in Japan, it's traditionally women who give gifts to men. Many women confess their love to the men they like on this day along with beautifully wrapped chocolate boxes or show appreciation and love to the partners by giving their favorite sweets.

So the gifts have to look "extra special" for this occasion.
The presentations of the gifts are often the key factor for women to make their purchase decisions.
To win the heart of those women who try to win the heart of their men, the companies introduce all kinds of creative packagings for their chocolates and sweets, thus walking through the aisles of Depachika during the Valentine’s season was quite inspirational.

Samples of Valentine’s Chocolates (Photos from MyRecommend! https://myrecommend.jp/valentine-12/)

Samples of Valentine’s Chocolates (Photos from MyRecommend! https://myrecommend.jp/valentine-12/)


But I still think 'handmade' wins over any pretty pre-wrapped gifts. It's the most loving or romantic way to say I love you, don't you agree? 

Handmaking gives you the time to think about your loved ones and the relationship you have with them. 

As I design and wrap the gifts for my loved ones, the process of thinking about how I'd surprise them with my gifts always makes me feel warm, and cherish my happy moments with them.

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I know that buying the cute pre-packaged gifts are easy and tempting....but if you want to make your gift-giving more meaningful than just 'giving things', I'd highly suggest creating your own gift wrapping for this Valentine's Day.

And if you don't know where to start, I have a perfect online course coming up to teach you how to create special gift wrapping to tell someone you love them ❤️