How to Make a Large Paper Flower Design for Your Baby Themed Gift Wrapping

Image courtesy of PRISTINE Pansee

Image courtesy of PRISTINE Pansee

When I stepped into the store, Vansankan Pensée, PRISTINE Friend Shop, I was astonished by the beautiful displays filled with white clothing. They are all made from organic cotton. The owner Miyoko Ishihara was stylishly wearing an all-white outfit, she smiled and said "do you know why organic fluffy cotton fiber ball doesn't sink in water? It contains natural oil which helps to protect your skin from dryness, itching and other problems."

I knew the organic cotton was better quality but I never paid too much attention to the actual benefits it brings to us, farmers, and the environment. This collaboration video project with Vansankan Pensée helped me understand the organic cotton much better and deeper level.

Why organic cotton better than the conventional one? While conventional cotton firming is known for using large amounts of toxic chemicals, organic cotton farming use none of them. Hitomi Mizutani from Vansankan Pensée mentioned that making one conventional T-shirt requires 200ml of pesticide...scary, isn't it?

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Organic cotton firming uses all natural and environmentally-friendly process. Only the untreated seeds are used instead of genetically modified seeds and the farmers focus on building and maintaining soil fertility to sustain living organisms which help make the soil full of nutrients as well as decrease the amount of water it requires for farming. Ladybugs and other beneficial insects play important rules to protect the crops from the harmful pests so that there is no need to use tons of pesticide. When the time to harvest comes, farmers wait for the natural defoliant instead of spreading a defoliating agent to speed up the process.

The same attentive and environmentally-friendly concepts are applied for making fabric from raw organic cotton.

No bleach and other chemicals that cause cancer and allergy are used during the process of making organic cotton fabric. Use of fabric dye is strictly restricted because dyeing fabric requires bleaching the fabric first which also washes off the natural oil from the organic cotton.

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As I was touching the organic baby clothing and putting them into the gift box, I thought how wonderful it would be that more babies could wear the organic cotton clothing. This collaboration comes in the perfect timing as I was getting requests for a baby themed gift wrapping tutorial. Organic cotton clothing is certainly one of the best gift choices for a newborn baby and I'm happy to incorporate the story of the organic cotton into my new baby themed gift wrapping video.

The baby clothing and toys used in the video took another two years from the harvest of the cotton to become products. There is so much effort and care put into them, and I felt honored to gift wrap such precious gifts! They feel soft and gentle, perfect for the baby's delicate skin. 

I often imagine a flower blossom as a representation of the baby birth so I wanted to incorporate a big flower design to express and celebrate the joy & happiness of the birth of the baby. Adding the baby toy as an ornament can make the design more fun and playful😊

I hope you like the tutorial and will be able to try this design next time you'll have a chance to wrap a baby gift!

I hope you like the tutorial and will be able to try this design next time you'll have a chance to wrap a baby gift! Once you watch the video, I'd love to hear from you💕Visit the video page and let me know what you thought about the video!

As always, thank you for watching my video! I hope you'll keep making beautiful and memorable gift-giving experiences.💝 

Special Thanks: Miyoko Ishihara (owner of Vansankan Pensée) & Hitomi Mizutani (shop manager at Vansankan Pensée, PRISTINE Friend Shop)

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