Is Furoshiki-Fabric Gift Wrapping a Magic?

About 6 years ago, I performed furoshiki-fabric gift wrapping demonstrations at a Japanese clothing store in the heart of Manhattan, New York City.


At that time, not many videos and images are available through the social media sites for Furoshiki-fabric gift wrapping. Many of my audience had never seen such demonstrations before and some people came up to me and asked if I was doing some magic tricks!

In a way, Furoshiki-gift wrapping is like a magic trick.

Many of the techniques are easy and quick - you can wrap a box or a bottle to beautiful presentations in a minute or so using only a piece of fabric.

And who likes magic?

Kids Enjoy Furoshiki Wrapping.jpg

Kids! During the 3-day demonstrations I performed, there were so many children who wanted to try Furoshiki-fabric gift wrapping. It was so exciting to see their faces lit up with joy when they wrapped books into a handbag shape or make a big hello kitty bow using a piece of square fabric. If they can do, you know how easy those techniques are!


I just added a new video to my Furoshiki-fabric gift wrapping playlist. Check out the below video, just like other designs, you can wrap a box to an amazing presentation with simple and easy steps.


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