New Online Course is Now Open for Enrollment!

Today is the day!

The course is now open and you can finally enroll in Your Ultimate Gift Wrapping Guide.

This course was introduced a little over a year ago and 2000+ students joined and enjoyed learning and improving their gift wrapping techniques. The results are amazing - many students told me that they've learned so much, the presentations of their gift wrapping were improved and their friends and family are happy to receive beautifully personalized gifts.

I'm confident that this system works well for the students at any levels to learn the art of gift wrapping. So the original course got a makeover and I added more contents and videos that will help the basic to advanced gift wrapping training as well as more knowledge about the materials. I also re-edited 111 best YouTube videos of mine and uploaded them to my school platform along with detailed information about the projects.

All those videos are organized in categories and themes so you could learn techniques and ideas effectively and efficiently too.

This is a 14-week course with massive contents to transform your gift-giving into amazing experiences.

It's 14 weeks so you can take lessons step-by-step with a manageable amount of contents each week and not overwhelmed by too much information or the advanced techniques at the very beginning.

If you've been having a trouble with:

  • cutting paper to the right size for your box

  • creating nice looking bows

  • wrapping larger size boxes

  • choosing the right paper for the particular designs

  • placing your gifts nicely inside the box

  • coming up with the ideas for your gift wrapping

... and more, this single course will help you all that so they won't be your challenges anymore.

I received so many happy comments and emails from the students who've taken Your Ultimate Gift Wrapping Guide and this truly makes me happy! :D 
My hard work really pays off when I see my students succeed in the course and they're able to create beautiful gift wrapping for their friends and family.

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