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How to Create More Intimacy and Build Better Relationships through the Art of Gifting

Last month, I was invited to have a live interview to talk about my career as a gift wrapping designer at a local TV show in Hawaii. We talked about how I started my career and what projects I’ve been working on, then at the mid-point of the show, the interviewer asked me, “Why is the art of gift wrapping important?”

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Stylish Shirt Style Gift Wrapping for Father's Day (New Variation)

Father's Day is in a week, are you ready?

Just like any other special occasions, adding unique and personalized wrapping for your gift can make the event more special and memorable.

In the past, the shirt style wrapping has always been one of the most popular styles for my customers, students and the audience of my YouTube videos. It's a stylish, unique and fun way to celebrate Father's Day.

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Beautiful Ribbon Art for Your Gift Wrapping

What type of decorations do you add to your gift wrapping?

There are so many ways to upgrade your gift wrapping by adding ornamentations to the package, and one of them is creating ribbon arts.

So today's video is all about adding various themed ribbon arts to your package using my recent favorite, cotton 100% paper ribbon from

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ASMR - The Sound of Gift Wrapping ~Beautiful Straight Pleats Design with a Gold Accent~

Have you heard of ASMR videos?

According to the Urban Dictionary, the sole purpose of ASMR is to relax people, and ASMR videos are meant to give the viewers a relaxing tingle at the back of their head and/or spine.

These videos usually focus on sounds such as preparing food, whispering gently, crinkling paper, etc.

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