Thank You For Spreading Joy Through Your Gift Wrapping This Holiday Season!

What an amazing holiday season it has been!
So many people from all over the world have learned the art of gift wrapping and I could feel everyone’s excitements for sharing beautifully wrapped gift packages with their friends and family this holiday season.

Also thank you so much for sharing your comments, messages and the photos of your packages with me!
I appreciate your being such an inspiration to me and to the people around you as well.

This is a dream comes true for me.
Thank you for spreading joy through your gift wrapping this holiday season!

One of the students who sent me photos was Ioana Lordache.
She's been taking my online courses and always eager to learn new techniques and information.

The photos she sent me gave me a big smile - her holiday gift packages are so extraordinary using exquisite papers and unique designs. You can see the thoughtfulness and time she puts into creating each and every package. Her wrapping is truly the gift itself.


Ioana also wrote a lovely message along with the photos, 

Ioana Profile Photo.jpg
What you do is very inspiring and I am so happy I got to find out about your courses. You gave me “tools” and ideas so I could do something that brings me joy, while working on the wrapping and also brings a lot of joy to everybody who receives a gift nicely wrapped.

I am getting the beautiful paper from some US sites, Washi Arts, Mulberry Paper and Paper Jade. I also found vintage danish paper at Paper Connection from Canada.

And there are also a couple of European sites from which I can get some nice ones. Plus I came back this autumn from Tokyo with a great supply! I could open a store in my country with so many papers :-)It is very relaxing for me to gift wrap and I do it for my gifts and for the gifts of my friends, too and they love it. It’s a great hobby. The only bad thing is that people do not want to open their presents because they don’t want to ruin the wrapping :-)Thank you! Kind regards
— Ioana

She's from Romania and I know that many papers introduced in my sites are not largely available in her country.

But that didn't stop her from using them - she's contacted the US paper companies I introduced in my sites and also went on her own research to find several businesses who'd ship papers to her location.

So I asked if she could share her resources with others, it'll be helpful especially for people who live in European countries as those websites will probably ship to other locations in Europe as well.

Here are the websites she ordered her papers (including the ones you see in the photos)

If you haven't taken my gift wrapping lessons and you're curious about what could be possible for you as well, check out the link below to learn more about my online course, Your Ultimate Gift Wrapping Guide.

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I want to thank you all for being in my community 💕
Wishing you and your family a happy joyous holiday!