Tsutsumi - Japanese Philosophy of Gift Wrapping

In the past half an hour, I was hooked on watching Instagram post about opening the beautifully wrapped gifts.
A Japanese actress posted multiple videos on her opening the gifts she received from her fans and people around her. Each gift was thoughtfully wrapped - some were decorated with beautiful Mizuhiki or ribbon ornamentations and some had pieces of paper with beautiful calligraphy writing (expressing appreciation and good wishes) attached to the packages while others had amazing presentations inside the box.

Tsutsumi means "wrapping" in Japanese and it's a significant part of the gift-giving culture in Japan.

Japanese character, tsutsumi(包)represents a mother's womb carrying a precious baby inside. As this character symbolizes, wrapping gifts has been considered as a sacred act, not only to wrap the gift itself but also to wrap giver's heart.


It sounds a bit serious but it all comes down to the fact that "you want the person who receives the gift happy."
And of course, the process of wrapping a gift often fulfills your heart and mind with love as you think about the recipients and feel appreciated about the relationships you have with them.

In my upcoming gift wrapping workshops for The Art of Gift Wrapping Workshop Tour in Japan, we'll explore the concept, philosophy, and meanings behind the gift-giving and gift wrapping along with learning more about the materials and techniques.

We'll celebrate the beautiful human tradition, Gift Wrapping and I can't wait to share my passion with you in my hometown in Japan where also has a thousand-year history of wrapping gifts into the beautiful art form!

The application process has started, and you can learn more details about the trip by visiting the link below.