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Greetings from Colombia. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful work. I really enjoyed the lessons
— Francia O
Hello..this is Dhara from India and my 9 year old daughter is fan of paper guru..she always want to see ur videos.. Thank u she is learning
— Dhara B
Super Lindooo!! Muchas gracias!! Un gran abrazo desde Lima-Peru
— Doris C
So interesting to watch and listen to such pleasant voice. Looking forward to an afternoon project with my 12 and 10 yr. old granddaughters who love to craft with me and with whom I love to craft and spend time with them. Thank you.
— Sandra C
Your tutorials are really amazing... Im always looking forward on every one of it.. it’s all perfect for gifts.. Thank you for creating it
— Yuro
I’ve taken online workshops from her for the last few months. She has given me confidence to pursue my creative side in gift wrapping. Her instructions in each and every class are extremely clear, direct and informative. Now after taking these workshops my way of designing gift wrapping has changed a lot. Whether I am wrapping a simple box or doing an extravagant flower wrapping I am easily able to create my own styles of wrapping. All thanks to Shiho and her lovely online classes
— Sneha P
Hello. My name is Olatz from Basque County, Spain. Thank you for making this wonderful course for free. It’s amazing.
— Olatz
Thank you very much for share. I do not speak a lot of English but you are so clear pm your explanations. I am sure I will enjoy a lot this course. Thank you very much.
— Beatriz C
Thank u so much all ur designs...a very big fan of your art......
— Benazir S
Preciosos trabajos, realmente son muy bonitos y elegantes. Muchas gracias por compartirlo. Un saludo!
— Amada L
Thank you so much I have been struggle lately on how to wrap a gift..I am very excited when I saw this Much appreciated
— Rabia S
Wow! It’s so beautiful! I’m living in Australia! And I love to introduce beauty of Japanese art you designed!!
— Rie H
Hello my name is Lidya. From Indonesian, I really loved about Sakura. I always learning how to gift wrapping. I hope I can learn courses about it. Thank you so much.
— Lidya S
Thank you for sharing these lovely gift boxes. I’m heading to Japan for the cherry blossom season and I can’t wait to share these lovely boxes with sakura treats for my friends!
— Kong Y
Dearest Shiho: TYSM for sharing your beautiful Talent and Patience with us! :) <3 Definitely my Son and I love Japan. It’s Culture, calm Lifestyle, Food, Sakura Trees, and of course: Origami. Our job is about Scrapbook, “Boxes & All Kind of Souvenirs”, so your Precious Wrapping Style, is a Perfect Complement for us and a Great Relax Therapy too. :D We’ll continue following you as your loyal Students. ;) TYSM again sweetie! :) <3
— Monica B
You are so precious!!! Thank you for teaching us this wonderful art. It is very important for my job Thank you so much again And go on!!!!
— Olimpia B
Hello Masuda-san, thank you for sharing your talent to us. Keep it up! :)
— Karen P
Thank you for sharing your talent to enhance my knowledge
— Jessica B
Hi, I’m from the Philippines and I hope to learn more
— Rofely P
Thank you so much, I love wrapping my presents. It looks so beautiful.
— Theodosia L
Thank u so much all yr designs...a very big fan of your art.....
— Benazir S
しほさん お久しぶりです。いつも新しいことに挑戦されていて、ビデオもとても分かりやすく、無駄のない画像に、流石しほさんだなあ・・って毎回プロフェッショナルで感心しております。この桜シリーズは本当に日本人の心をそそるものがあり、春の歓びを感じます。いつもながら素晴らしいアイディアとしほさんの繊細なアーチスト感覚の光る作品で楽しませていただいております。
— みどり
Beautiful wrapping design and I loved the paper flower. Thank you.
— Christine F
Very Well Explained. Thank you so much!
— Sherebanoo M
Shiho さん ありがとうございます。Shiho さんに出会って、お友達にプレゼントを渡すのがより楽しくなりました!ギフトラッピングについて全くの初心者でしたが、各レッスンごとに階段を登るように、少しずつレベルアップして、新しいデザインを楽しく自分のペースで学べるので、気がついたら、以前よりいろいろなデザインでラッピングができるようになっていました。しかも、ビデオを何度でも見直せるので、何度でも復習ができて、無理なく楽しく学ぶことができました。また新しいテクニックを学びたいと思っています!
— Yoko A